Candy Land: The World of Sweets is the 2010 version of the Candy Land board game.

After negative response from Candy Land fans over the character redesigns in the 2000s version, the characters' designs in this version have been changed to evoke memories of their original appearances.

King Kandy, for example, is not the short plump fellow he was in the 2000s version; he is now taller and has a strong, hearty appearance, much like he did when he debuted in the 1980s. Princess Frostine's design is also reminiscent of her original appearance.

This attempt failed due to their replacing Mr. Mint (considered one of the most iconic characters in the game) with Duke of SwirlPrincess Frostine 's somewhat sexualized design (not to mention her being a princess instead of the queen she originally was), Jolly being removed, and other changes.

Certain locations (such as Peppermint Forest) were also changed or removed. It is unknown why these changes were made.