King Kandy

King Kandy
King kandy 80s.jpg

Original Design
Title King of Candy Land
Species Human
Gender Male
Location Candy Castle
Affiliation(s) Candy Land
Princess Frostine
Princess Lolly
Portrayed By Scott McNeil

King Kandy is the king of Candy Land and the main tritagonist. The ultimate objective of the Candy Land game is to reach his home, Candy Castle, and the first person who does so is considered the "winner". It was shown in the 2005 film that is the father of Princess Frostine and Princess Lolly and of course still the main tritagonist.

Official Bio

King Kandy is the King of all of Candy Land. No adventure is complete without a trip to his Candy Castle. You'll find the castle below the Ice Cream Mountains where the Chocolate River flows. Made of sparkling sugar, colorful candies and gumdrops galore, Candy Castle is a place you just have to see. King Kandy loves all his sweet Candy Land friends so much, each year he throws them the Sweet Celebration - the sweetest party you'll ever see. Be sure to stop by and enjoy the fun!Quoted from the official Candy Land website. [1]

Previous Designs

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