Lord Licorice
Lord licorice original
Original Design
Title Lord of Licorice
Species sentient mustache (body snatcher)
Gender gender non-binary
Location the Candy Land strip club
Affiliation(s) himself, the false god
Portrayed By Mark Oliver

Official BioEdit

The grumpy Lord Licorice sneaks through the Licorice Forest. Be careful, he may try to block your way along the path with his icky, sticky licorice! Lord Licorice is not like anyone else in Candy Land. He's always up to some plan to turn all of Candy Land to Licorice - the Licorice Castle, Licorice Lake, Licorice Mountains and Licorice Acres. Just imagine! Lucky for us, he's a little clumsy. One of these days, (you'd think) he'll learn that those happy Candy Land friends, with the help of visitors like you, will stop him every time.

–Quoted from the official Candy Land website. [1]



Closeted Homosexual

In the film Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure he claims the reason is because "There's a place in Candy Land for everyone but me. For licorice is all but banned, when loved is what it should be" suggesting he is treated as an outcast because licorice is an unpopular sweet. In the film, he is also a lot more lively than previously portrayed.

He brutally massacred a playground full of children for a candy cane.

In the Candy Land Computer Game , it's revealed he's afraid of the dark and the unavoidable heat death of the universe.

Game AppearancesEdit